The present article documents an authentic process of heroin manufacturing
in Afghanistan: white heroin hydrochloride produced using simple equipment and
a small quantity of chemicals. The quantities of chemicals actually used corresponded
to the minimum needed for manufacturing heroin. The only organic solvent
used was acetone, and only a very small quantity of it was used.
Because the chemicals used in the demonstration were from actual seizures
in Afghanistan, some of the chemicals had been disguised or repackaged by
smugglers. Others had been put into labelled containers that proved to be counterfeit,
and some glass containers used were not the original containers of the
manufacturer displayed on the label.
The brown heroin base prepared as an intermediate step in the process shares
some of the characteristics of the South-West Asia type of heroin preparations
often seized in Germany. The final product of the documented heroin manufacturing
process was white heroin hydrochloride, which shares the key characteristics
of the white heroin occasionally seized in Germany and other countries in Western
Europe since 2000. The present article demonstrates that this kind of heroin can
be produced in Afghanistan.


(Vielleicht bewegt dieser Artikel ja den ein oder anderen „einzusehen“ wie ekelig das Strassen Heroin in deutschsprachigen Raum wirklich ist, dieser Artikel ist keine perfekte Synthese Anleitung, aber er hilft mit vielen „Urban legends“ aufzuraeumen)